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You are currently viewing the version 3 of this fanlisting, active since December 2008. I created the header graphic using several images of the band found through multiple Google image searches. The name of the fanlisting, "Broken Arrow" refers to the Buffalo Springfield song of the same name (see lyrics) - a song that summarised the band's heavy emotions of emptiness with fame, growing egos, teenage angst and hopelessness. The "broken arrow" represented, in context of the song lyrics, how Blackfoot Indians use a broken arrow to signal that they would cease fighting - representing how the Buffalo Springfields realised they should end their increasingly tumultuous relationships and retire the band. In direct context of the band, I think the "broken arrow" also very succinctly illustrates the band's broken directions - how they started as part of a unified arrow sailing in one, harmonious direction, but then gradually split into opposite, "broken" directions by the end of their two years - or even directly into the respective careers of Stephen Stills and Neil Young.

I am highly grateful to the original photographers for taking, and sharing, their photographs (featured in the manipulated header graphic above) with the world. Please visit the site disclaimer page for more details on the use of this photograph in this layout. Otherwise, please do contact me if you have any queries about the layout in general.

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Version 2: This layout featured the gorgeously surreal front cover for the 1967 album, Buffalo Springfield Again to feature in this layout, as I love the whole structure of this album - visually and mentally. Visually, the cuttings of old paintings, romantic flowers, dancing butterflies; the Buffalos lined across a huge trunk of a wise old tree in their bright shirts, holding hands in that youthful way. The cover sparks some sort of past life emotion and feeling of euphoria within me - me dancing in the meadows with my echoing music across the whole plain again. Lunchtime. A tense period for the Buffalos, this album beautifully captures this tension, with several songs not even being performed with all the Buffalos present.

Version 1: This layout was small, but a total blend of the Buffalos, all in one, colours, cigarettes, happiness and tears and smiles and stems, as they were. And still are.