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my love for Buffalo Springfield

The Buffalo Springfields may have primarily acted as a springboard for the epic musical careers of Stephen Stills and Neil Young, but the band also left its own powerful mark, milestoning themselves as one of the first rolling stones for country-rock music whilst showing how much fun music could be, within two short years.

Their songs were short, their meanings simple, their words at times flowing and even convoluting; but their sound was pure and fun, true and developing, teaching a genre of country-rock. Thus listening to the Buffalo Springfield is like listening to birds in the morning sunrise - a sound so sweet and unassuming, so rich and a sign of continuous maturity, it becomes an unknowing part of you every morning, like the most elementary part of the day.

Even their bizarre "beginning" - meeting in traffic on the way to L.A. in Neil Young's 1953 Pontiac hearse drawing a surreal picture - etched the first scenes of their rather surreal and dreamlike musical career, where they would create and create and create to the happiness of their growing fanbase, then suddenly be faced with a powerful combination of tumultous interrelationships, drug issues, growing egos and general growing apart that caused their burning disbanding in 1968.

Thus Buffalo Springfield's almost innocent, golden sounds; delicate words, ridging melodies, igniting we're rockin' and we're lovin'!" sound, mixed with their unparalleled, overpowering energy, is a sound I can never forget, and will always connect to my own youth. I will always remember the fresh summer sun and achingly pink piano chords of the Buffalo Springfields.

Written by Raine, the website owner

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